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Welcome to the section dedicated to instrumental pedagogy.

For more than 30 years, I have been teaching young artists with unique and also common qualities. One of the great challenges I meet every day is to transmit in a clear and concise way the intrinsic ideas, concepts and abilities to musical interpretation. It is not always easy when we try to explain and express sensations, emotions or extremely precise movements which allow us to create a centered, expressive and on-pitch note.

Some informations are easier to transmit or evaluate; fingers or body position, as an example. But those gestures take time to become automatisms, so the artist has to repeat a precise excerpt a thousand times. Patience, awareness and equanimity are essential qualities to develop for those necessary hours of integration which can become very frustrating!

Body and spirit flexibility is the essential key of the artist harmonious development. There are multiple ways to approach the strategies that allow a musician to master his instrument in a way he can express himself with ease and pleasure in any circumstances, but the more choices we have, the better!

Musical knowledge, instrumental practice, meditation and concentration became inseparable tools for me. You will find, in the Links section, that I favor a global approach to human. Musical knowledge development comes from mental strategies consciousness and improvement, as for the high level athletes.

I invite you to inform you on the neurosciences discoveries, as they are rich in concrete applications and they offer us precious development tools. As an example, I recently discovered a neuro biofeedback interactive system for breathing control, heartbeat and cell conductivity: Healing Rhythms. This program offers concentration and thought and emotions management lessons based on an interactive and user-friendly interface, with a reasonable price. This system, much alike those used by professional athletes, allows us a better thoughts, emotions, and energy level management in only a few hours. Now, imagine the results of a strategic instrumental work combined with a well-trained brain!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

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