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Ensemble Isometrik

Bringing together André Moisan (clarinet), d’Elvira Misbakhova (viola), and Jean Saulnier (piano) the new Isometrik ensembles offers brilliant interpretations of masterpieces dating from the 19th century to today. The ensemble offers a delighful opportunity to rediscover Mozart, to get to know the Austrian Alfred Uhl and to discover some contemporary composers living in Longueuil, Alejandra Odgers and Airat Ichmouratov, who both created pieces especially for this talented trio. 


Impressions de l'Ensemble InSpirations

Impressions presents an original and diversified repertoire of traditional Eastern European music, klezmer music and jazz. This concert was recorded : the album was released in the spring of 2017. 


La vie est musique

La vie est musique explores the muscial sounds present in everyday life. Generating enthouasiam in canadian schools sice its creation, this workshop uses a narrative framework inspired by the texts of Alain M. Bergeron, an internationnally recognized youth author from Quebec.

A56I0746-8x12-J Rodier.jpg

Exploration sonore

Exploration sonore is a sound expedition created from scratch and relying on the improvisation of three virtuosos multi-instrumentalists. With the help of Bernard Voyer, internationally renowned moutaineer and adventurer, the show takes its spectators on a musical, visual and interactive journey.



The show Projections offers an unprecedented symbiosis in which musical creations combining acoustic and digital music join various literary texts and a projection of hard-hitting visual works.

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